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Trimble Mobile Resource Management Sales & Installation from TLC, Inc.  Trimble Heavy Duty Trucking

Trimble Heavy Duty Trucking  - Sales & Installation by TLC, Inc. -  864.845.9799Trimble Fleet Management for Heavy Duty Trucking provides the most comprehensive on-board package available in the market today. The Heavy Duty Trucking System includes all of the Transportation Suite features with additional advanced features including driver interface options and integration with other on-board systems.


Key Benefits:  

  • Advanced Fuel and Carbon Emission Management – offers detailed monitoring of drivers’ fuel use and carbon emissions

  • Advanced Engine Diagnostics – provides sophisticated remote engine monitoring capabilities

  • Advanced Safety Management – features reports and alerts on unsafe driver behaviors and metrics to track performance over time

  • Transportation Suite Features – all Transportation Suite features included

  • Eaton Vorad Integration – real time information from Eaton’s Vorad collision warning system

Trimble Heavy Duty Trucking Product Resources
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