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  RearSentry® – Helps Prevent Backing Accidents

An economical accessory for industrial and commercial vehicles that uses sophisticated Doppler radar technology to alert drivers of objects up to 12 feet behind the vehicle. A ROSS RearSentry eliminates hazardous blind spots and allows for safer and easier backing.

A small investment in a RearSentry can prevent costly damage from common accidents. Thousands of potential repair and legal bills can be avoided, and the ease of using RearSentry will allow drivers to save money in another way—by reducing vehicle downtime and enabling them to return to the road quicker to continue their days' work.

Features At A Glance

  • Alerts drivers to objects as far as 12 feet away, including objects beyond the vehicle's corners 

  • Helps prevent costly vehicle body repairs and could reduce insurance and legal claims 

  • Automatically resets when object is no longer in area 

  • No maintenance required 

  • 3 Year/Unlimited Mileage Warranty

  • Easy to Install - Click Here to download installation instructions

Common Applications

Drivers of commercial equipment, private delivery vehicles, or box vans face many challenges while backing up. A RearSentry® is a cost-effective, state-of-the-art accessory that can help all drivers "see" behind their vehicle.




Drivers will find this easy-to-install equipment particularly useful when maneuvering into tight spaces around loading docks or in congested areas. It works in all weather conditions and at night—a distinct advantage when drivers are returning their vehicle to a loading dock. It is especially helpful to new transportation drivers. Detailed Operating Instructions for the RearSentry® can be downloaded here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I need to clean the sensors? 
No. The RearSentry
® uses Doppler radar sensing and can see through snow, mud, ice even a plastic bumper.

How am I warned about approaching an obstacle?
You will hear a beeping sound which increases in intensity the closer you get to the obstacle or you can use the visual LED strip which changes color according to distance. (Green - Far, Red - Close)

Why is this system the best?
Other detection technologies require an external transducer and they cannot be placed behind or covered by any type of material. Their performance can be seriously affected by the weather. The RearSentry
® uses technology that is not affected by these conditions.

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