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Trimble's TrimWeb is an affordable Web-based solution for tracking mobile assets in real-time. TrimWeb provides the convenience of monitoring vehicles from any computer with an Internet connection. The system also provides data on vehicles' location, speed, mileage, arrival and departure time, and vehicle congregation.

Why try TrimWeb?

  • Affordable and easy-to-use

  • Accessible from any computer with Internet connection

  • Fast deployment—no software to install

  • Scalable—upgrades to TrimView™ at no extra cost or hardware replacement

  • World-class support by Trimble, a leader in global positioning systems 

Key Features Include:

Elimination of Unauthorized Use
Unauthorized use of vehicles is a problem for many fleet managers, but because TrimWeb monitors the location of vehicles, any time, anywhere, they can eliminate unauthorized access. You can also reduce theft and asset abuse.

More Deliveries Per Day
Customers who use TrimWeb significantly increase the number of deliveries or stops by more efficiently routing fleets, decreasing driver down-time, and minimizing the impact of traffic and weather delays.

Reduced Overtime
Overtime results when your drivers are not performing at their peak efficiency level and when fleet managers aren’t able to control drivers’ hours on the job. TrimWeb automatically logs arrival and departure times at the job sites and tracks the time “en-route” rather than “on the job.”

Reduced Mileage
Reductions in mileage occur when your drivers are using the most direct routes possible. By monitoring routes and evaluating historical data on routes used overtime, fleet managers are able to ensure route optimization.

Customer Satisfaction
Being able to provide faster response to service requests and accurate, reliable delivery status at any given time leads to more satisfied customers—and satisfied customers lead to revenue gain.

Driver Safety
When your drivers are on the road, fleet managers must ensure they are driving responsibly. TrimWeb can tell how fast a vehicle is being driven and for how long it traveled above a predefined speed.

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