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Insurance premiums, negative publicity due to bad driving habits or accidents, and rising equipment repair costs — all solid reasons fleets are more concerned than ever about having the safest operation possible.

Tripmaster is the single integrated system that arms you with the information you need to launch and effectively manage a proactive safety program. A program that is based 100% on factual information obtained from actual driving histories.

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Tripmaster sensors record the critical information that documents how your equipment is being driven. Vehicle speed, acceleration and deceleration rates, engine RPMs, mileage and vehicle location reporting data are used to generate a wide range of reports. Tripmaster customers can use these reports to gauge driving habits and how their equipment is being operated. Driver safety incentive programs are easier to establish and manage. Good drivers can be rewarded, and drivers needing additional training can have a program tailored to their specific needs.

Unfortunately, accidents do happen. Your Tripmaster on-board computer (OBC) can be configured to record second-by-second interval data that can be used during the investigation of an accident, allowing you to quickly decide how best to proceed with any claims.

According to a recent survey, 27% of all vehicle accidents, one every 90 seconds, occur while the vehicle is in reverse.

Having a
RearSightTM or RearSentry® is like having an extra set of eyes to help protect your property and to prevent injury—an added measure of safety and security.

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